about us


Elemi Architecture is a focused, design-led firm providing full-service architecture, planning, and urban design to clients who seek a thorough, forward-thinking solution to help guide their efforts. Elemi was founded in 2006 by architect, urban designer, and LEEDR Accredited Professional Eric Myers. Myers believed that the primary means to sustaining our shared resources is to reuse our existing urban cores and their built forms. He was involved in the continual evolution of downtowns of various scales in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, beginning in the mid-1990s. When Eric left Elemi in early 2017 to become the Director of the Chattanooga Design Studio, Matt Winget was promoted to the position of Principal Architect of Elemi Architects. Matt worked alongside Eric for 8 years and shares the same values as Myers as a result of their many years of collaboration and similar educational background. Winget’s contributions to architecture and urbanism range from streetscape and urban development strategies to single and multi-family urban infill housing.

Winget has been actively engaged in architecture and urban design in Chattanooga for nearly 15 years, and is proud that the majority of this work has been within three zipcodes. Matt is proud to continue the mission of Elemi’s founding principal while infusing it with his own personality as Elemi moves forward.


At Elemi, we believe that every project is inherently unique, deserving a specific design-led investigation. We believe in the environmental and social value of maintaining and encouraging density in existing downtown areas. We take pride in the focus of our core work remaining urban and diverse, and we will approach any project by first determining if Elemi is the right firm for your specific intentions. We also welcome the chance to direct you to other firms that may better suit your needs. We value the opportunity to exchange ideas with, educate, and learn from clients, other building professionals, and the public. Our practice is continuing education.


Each project is different, but we apply the same basic process with each to achieve the best results. We first analyze the project in order to firmly establish the core constraints and guiding marks, while identifying the range of variables to achieve a central theme. Program analysis requires intensive review and interview with our clients to collect the appropriate data. This analysis allows the team to then develop multiple early design solutions that answer the core needs and variables of the project. We work with the client to narrow focus toward a single design solution, test material assemblies, budget the entire work and assemble the documents necessary to build the project. We anticipate remaining involved in a project, with a regular presence on-site during construction for communication and dialogue to ensure the original intent is preserved.

Elemi guides urban projects of any scale from conception to completion. Elemi’s client‐centered collaborative approach ensures meaningful, enduring, environmentally responsible and economically intelligent places that contribute positively to clients and the community.


“Elemi” is a naturally occurring resin that is an essential ingredient in everything from inks to herbal medicine. This is the way we see our contribution to urban and sustainable design – diverse and essential. Linguistically, it derives from the Arabic for “above and below,” a shortened version of “as above, so below.” We understand that in our practice big things depend on small things and small things depend on big things in a cyclical and integral way.